Sunday, November 24, 2013

Foxes are monogamous...

So, it seems that everywhere I have put the camera in Cromwell Valley Park, I get a picture of a fox. This
led me to wonder how many there might be in the park. Great question, isn't it? Turns out the best answer I can find is something like "it depends".

Apparently, their range varies with food availability, and tends to grow in the winter.  Some sources say that their territories can overlap, although the den areas never do They do travel. One source says that daily travel of over six miles is not uncommon.

I surmise that food is plentiful in Cromwell Valley as there seem to be a lot of fox in the neighborhood.

Meanwhile...we seem to be at the peak of the white tail rutting season. See,

Or see this picture. This guy is after something, isn't he? By the way, be careful driving. The deer are running around everywhere And they aren't paying attention to cars.

The beaver activity seems to be increasing. That is to be expected. Both dams are being built up, and the underwater food cache is growing. Winter is coming, and our favorite rodent knows it.

In this picture, you can see the beaver carrying food into the stream, preparing for winter.

More pictures are below. I hope you enjoy them.

More later.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Great day yesterday.

So,  three weeks a go I thought I would place the camera overlooking a field below the Sherwood Farm. It turns out that I picked one place in the park that has no wildlife. In all that time, the camera picked up one deer--and nothing else.

Good day though, anyway.

I went to see the progress the beaver was making on its new dam. As I was standing there, I heard a small plop in the water.

Seconds later, the beaver appeared. It swam to and fro for several minutes, before going back to hide somewhere. This was just before 1:00 pm. It's pretty rare that beavers come out in the daytime. I don't know if it is significant that this one did, or just a random event.

Either way, I was glad to see it.

Enjoy the pictures.

More later.