Monday, December 31, 2012

The great experiment begins

Cromwell Critter Cam will be fun. It's the confluence of three things; my interest in natural history, my curiosity about trail cameras and how they work, and Christmas. (The trail camera was my Christmas present this year.)

Beaver dam on Minebank Run, 31 December 2012

Plus, a beaver  made a home for itself at Cromwell Valley Park last fall.

And that made me think how fun it would be to learn about natural history and trail cameras at the same time. My plan is to use the camera to observe the beaver and learn more about its behavior. I will combine that with information about beavers, how they live, and their influence on their world, and on our history.

This morning my son and I put the camera out. We walked here and there, and saw several places to put the camera. We agreed that it would be fun to own about four of them.

The target treeFinally, we decided to see if we can get some pictures of the beaver finishing the job of cutting this tree down.

We found a suitable place to mount the camera; and we discovered that it takes three hands--or two hands and a knee-- to install one of the darn things.
I hope to check the camera about once a week, and to update this blog with my findings. I will probably move the camera to various places in the park as the year progresses, to see what other animals are up to. Feel free to let me know if there is something you especially want to see.