Sunday, September 15, 2013

Blobsquatch! on camera!

So.... I went to visit the camera today.

The first thing I noticed is that the beaver(s) are still active, and building a new dam. it's interesting to me that so far, the dam is built with recycled lumber. None of the sticks used so far seem to be trees cut down by the beaver, but rather old lumber used for the dam.

I'll keep an eye on this.

Second thing I noticed is the Hawk Watch. 
The crew was out today, and a beautiful day it was. Cromwell Valley Park is on a major hawk migration route.
When I stopped by today, about 2:30 pm, they had already seen about 500 hawks, and more than one eagle.


The migration is not over yet, and all are welcome to enjoy one of nature's great sights.

The hawkwatchers are splendid people, and friendly. 

Please stop by. They'll be delighted to share their knoowledge, and you'll have a great day.

Meanwhile, back at the camera site. 

The camera has been set to record video since my last visit. Below, you'll find several videos. I noticed something interesting in the current camera location. While I recorded several videos, almost none were during daylight hours. The camera is set at the highest point in the park, in a forest with oaks and other trees.

Acorns, as you may know, are a major food source for deer, squirrels, some birds, and other animals. 

So I expected to see more daytime activity. But almost everything the camera recorded was at night.  Perhaps, the animals are closer to water during the day? 

I got several videos that I have posted below. I enjoyed the one of some animal investigating/attacking the camera in detail. It's the first one below.

This one may be Sasquatch, (or Blobsquatch).

More later.

Monday, September 2, 2013

An Eastern Box Turtle was waiting to greet me....

When I checked on the camera Saturday, I was delighted to see this handsome turtle waiting patiently, enjoying the view. It didn't move all the while that I was adjusting the camera, and didn't even tuck inside its shell. That surprised me.

I might add that this turtle was pretty far from water. You may recall that I have the camera on the highest point in the park, on the top of a ridge about 260 feet above the Loch Raven Reservoir, and Minebank Run, where the beaver lived last year.

Also hanging around was this caterpillar. It was on the back of a small sign that I post next to the camera, explaining what it is. I'm bad at caterpillars, and would be happy to have one of you tell me what it is.


And what, you're probably asking, was caught on camera this week?

The usual, I dare say.

 I'm not sure what bird we have here.
 Right now, these two are getting along. But soon they will be fighting over the does, won't they?

 These are beautiful animals, aren't they?
 The Ridgelys of Hampton ( used to keep squirrels as pets. They even put leashes on them.

And on the way back to me car, I happened to look over this bridge. See a brown squiggle on the right side of the pool? It looks like it could be a stick, perhaps. It isn't. It's a Northern water snake.

That makes the total for this week:

  1. deer
  2. fox
  3. squirrel
  4. bird
  5. snake
  6. caterpillar
  7. raccoon
  8. turtle

More later.