Sunday, October 27, 2013

The beaver is still there

So, the repaired camera came back from the vendor this week. I cannot say enough about the prompt and fast service from They rock.

I looked around for a new place for the camera and decided to see what is to be seen in an open field. So this is the view from the current camera placement.  I've never put the camera in such an open place. Let's hope we find something. Stay tuned.

Then I decided to poke around the recently storm-destroyed dam. I was decided to see that the beaver is still in Minebank Run, just a little further upstream.

This time, our rodent friend has built two dams, perhaps 30 yards apart.

Upstream from the two dams is a pool where it has started its winter food cache.

I also saw what I believe is the start of the bank den.

And look at the way it's eating the bark off this big tree.
After taking this photograph, I noticed the same thing done to another tree. Both trees are over 2 feet in diameter. It's hard to imagine that the beaver can cut them down. Time will tell.

More later.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The dam and the camera are both broken.

the dam. Friday 11 October 2013, 11:41.
I checked the dam twice during our recent deluge.

Once on Friday morning.

You can see that the water is already over the top of the dam, and going around it on both sides. Really, I was surprised to see it still standing.

the dam. Monday 14 October 2013. 14:40.
By Monday the 14th, It was breached.

You can see that about half of the dam has been washed downstream.

I'll keep an eye on this to see if the beavers decide to move on.

Meanwhile, back on top of the hill....
I got some videos of the animals that I'll post here. I think I've proven over the last few weeks that there are fox, deer, squirrels, and raccoon up there. Not to mention a dangling leaf. So, I'm going to move the camera to somewhere else in the park--just don't know where. And not until I get it repaired.

 More later.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

If there's no water in it, is it still a stream?

So, I had a chance to visit the camera yesterday.

 I thought I had it set up with a nice view through some relatively open woods. I expected to get quite a few interesting pictures.


I was wrong.

I got a nice deer, a fox, and just a few squirrels.
This may be a camera placement problem, or perhaps seasonal change in behavior. Perhaps the animals are moving downhill for some reason?

The camera is still in the same area, but oriented differently. The next visit may reveal some answers.

Meanwhile, back at the dam....

The beaver has certainly been at work.
the dam. 1 Oct 2013.

You can see that the dam is larger than it was when I last saw it. And in the photographs below, what I think is the first of its winter food cache, secreted in the new pond.

And another fascinating observation. You can see that there is water in Minebank run where the beaver dam is. About 500 yards downstream from that, where second dam was destroyed completely by flooding, there is no water in the channel.

Another 400 yards downstream there's water again. Go figure.

I've read some reports about the restoration efforts on Minebank Run and haven't found any references to springs feeding the stream. That seems a likely explanation, though. I know that there are springs in the area.

More later.