Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cue Timon, Cue Simba, bring in Rafiki--it's the circle of life....

So, like the Car Talk Puzzler, the blog has been on summer vacation. But we are now back to work.

I have two things to offer with this entry. Some new pictures and an interesting beaver update.

After the beavers were flooded out, I decided to take the camera uphill to see what might be seen. Below are some pictures from that.

Meanwhile, new beavers were seen in the park. A small start of a dam was seen upstream from any earlier sightings. Today, I had a chance to explore, so I determined to go and see what that new dam looks like. I started about 50 yards upstream from the old dam and walked. I walked through water, and sand, and, and, and, found nothing.

That's not really true.

I found a turtle.

And a Great blue heron. (It's in the center background, trust me.)

And a really cool looking dragonfly.

And a deer.

And proof that a fox has been around.

And I found that my boots and socks and pants were very wet.

All in all, a good Thoreau kind 0f saunter.

But I did not find any sign of beaver. So, I turned around and went back upstream. I decided to go all the way upstream to where the beaver was firs seen about a year ago; just to see what was to be seen.

I saw the original beaver den. It was built pretty well and is still there. It's probably home to another animal.

A few yards upstream, just where the old dam was--you'll never guess what I saw.

Wait for it.

Can you guess?

the dam. 21 August 2013.
Yep. The beginnings of a new dam, just where the old one was.

And just about a year after the old one started.

Another year--another cycle.


Other notes. As you can see from the pictures below, the deer are forming new antlers. Fall, and the rut, are coming soon.

I don't plan to keep the camera on the beaver this time. I am looking to the hills this fall and winter, so have decided to keep the cameras at higher elevations. It'll be fun to see what is up there.

More later.