Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Vulpes vulpes may be the most widespread mammal on earth

At least some experts believe that to be the case.They can be found at all latitudes and in a variety of climates from forest to desert. They are happy to live in close contact with man.

There certainly are a lot of them at Cromwell Valley Park, and at Hampton National Historic Site, and probably lots of places in between. Almost everywhere I put my camera, another beautiful red fox appears.

Red fox primarily eat meat, usually small mammals, but also some birds, frogs, crickets, vegetables when they have to. This week, I captured a fox with dinner in its mouth. See below.

Mating season is coming soon in December and January. The female, or vixen, will give birth to four to six kits next spring. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to catch them on camera.

Last week, I put the camera overlooking a small creek near the Sherwood Farm. I found quite a bit of activity.

And please note--the date and time on these pictures is wrong. I have to admit I forgot to reset them after changing the batteries. All the pictures below were recorded last week.

Look closely, see two foxes?

Deer are pretty common around here too.


Two foxes. Is the one on the right claiming his territory, or saying something else?

Deer breath.

Turkey vulture. Just out of view in the left rear is a dead deer. That may be why the vulture is here.

This and the next two photographs show the fox with a meal. I can't make out just what, but perhaps a groundhog?

What do you think it is?

A raccoon.

Belay that, as the sailors say. Two raccoon.

It's a beautiful world. Go outside and play in it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

One foxy post, updated

So, if you like foxes, keep reading.

The camera has been looking at this tree for some time because some animal has been digging a hole under it. Several times through the summer and fall I filled in the hole. Maybe ten or fifteen days later, I would find the hole dug up again. Yet nothing appeared to be living under the tree.

I decided to move my camera from Cromwell Valley Park to see if I could determine what animal was digging the hole.

I did find out.

As you can see by reviewing the videos below, a fox is hunting something that lives under the tree, probably a vole or mole.

Fox are beautiful animals, aren't they?

Enjoy the videos.

It's a beautiful world. Go outside and play in it.