Sunday, January 17, 2016

Let's start off the new year with a mystery...... and some statistics.

As you may know, the coyote population in Maryland is well established and is growing. Coyote have been found in every county in the state, and have been seen in Cromwell Valley Park. Indeed, I captured one on camera last April.

Since then, I've tried to capture another image of a coyote in the park. So, here's the mystery. Did I, or did I not capture a coyote in this video?  The opinions are split--some think this is a fox, and some a coyote. What do you think?

In its current location, the camera has also captured several videos of raccoon. It's always fun to watch them hunt blindly, just by feel, isn't it?  And that is just what they are doing--feeling along the creek bed, sensing small prey by feel.

And some statistics. Not that math is my strong suit. But anyway. The Maryland DNR estimated in 2014 that the whitetail deer population in Maryland is about 230,000. They also estimate that hunters take about 90,000 whitetails every year. That is about 1 in 3 is hunted every year. 

Which gives me pause. Imagine the overpopulation problem we would have if hunting stopped in Maryland....

More later.